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Re: [ARSCLIST] Sam Manning Muriel Gaines,and Rendition Records

You should tell Irwin Chusid this interesting news-he featured Sam Manning
78's a year or so back-www.wfmu.org website.He is very friendly if e mailed
on any calypso topic.His shows are great and enjoyable to stream-I put them
all onto mp3 called MURIEL'S TREASURE.

On Tue, Apr 1, 2008 at 10:36 PM, Roger and Allison Kulp <
thorenstd124@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> This is my second post on this topic,since nobody answered me the last
> time I will try it again.Two of the many artists whom I was aware of through
> WFMU,were Sam Manning and Muriel Gaines.If you know me,you know I never buy
> CDs,but I do plan to buy the two 2002 Jazz Oracle Sam Manning CDs just to
> hear the rest of his output done for Okeh,Coulmbia and Brunswick in the
> 20s,and early 30s.
> There are those here,like me,who have been sorting through lists,and boxes
> of 78s their entire lives.hundreds of thousands of Glenn Miller,Peerless
> Quartet,Bing Crosby,ad nauseum,to find one or two good pieces.But never have
> I seen a Sam Manning 78.I have found a Berliner or two.I have a Blind Lemon
> Jefferson.I once found a multicolor Aeoleon from WWI.I have early 60s South
> African rock 78s,but never have I seen a Sam Manning record.Has anybody else
> ever seen one ? According to the track listings at jazzoracle.com,he
> recorded some 52 (!) sides between 1924,and '32.Here's a photo of one of his
> early Okeh sides. http://www.calypsoworld.org/artists/sam-2.htm If you
> never heard him before,go here: http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/22756After seeing early 50s Lord Kitchener 78s go for $175.00,and Mighty Cypher
> on Dial go for $100.00,I wonder what a Sam Manning of this period would go
> for on eBay ?
> One recent purchase I mentioned here recently,was another group of
> records,I learned of through WFMU.In 1945,Muriel Gaines made four sides for
> National/Savoy,all with Sam Manning (Who wrote three of the songs):
>  Too Sweet Too Sweet c/w What You Gonna Do (National 8002)
>  You've Got To Have Power c/w Ugly Man (National 8001) Reissued as
> National 9120 later in 1945-6
> http://www.jazzdisco.org/savoy/1945-dis/c/
> Two more 78s,I have never seen before.What I did find,was an EP,on a label
> I had never seen before either,that compiles both 78s,and dates from
> sometime in the 1950s.The EP is on a label called Rendition,and looks very
> much like a Savoy 45 pressing from the 50s.It is on a label,with two pair of
> stretched sixteenth notes,and a map of the continental US,with Rendition
> Records on it,and a wavy line.The catalog number is EP 105,matrix numbers
> are MA-46-47,and MA-45-48. This copy of this EP has no cover.I would be very
> interested in buying a cover should anybody have one.
> Does anybody know anything about this label,when it was around,and what
> else they issued ?
> Also,does anybody know of a listing of records Muriel Gaines
> http://www.calypsoworld.org/world/gaines.htm recorded in Europe,in the
> 1950s ?
> Could this be some sort of export issue to cash in on her "success" in
> Europe in the 50s ?
>                                           Roger
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