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[ARSCLIST] Sam Manning Muriel Gaines,and Rendition Records

This is my second post on this topic,since nobody answered me the last time I will try it again.Two of the many artists whom I was aware of through WFMU,were Sam Manning and Muriel Gaines.If you know me,you know I never buy CDs,but I do plan to buy the two 2002 Jazz Oracle Sam Manning CDs just to hear the rest of his output done for Okeh,Coulmbia and Brunswick in the 20s,and early 30s.

There are those here,like me,who have been sorting through lists,and boxes of 78s their entire lives.hundreds of thousands of Glenn Miller,Peerless Quartet,Bing Crosby,ad nauseum,to find one or two good pieces.But never have I seen a Sam Manning 78.I have found a Berliner or two.I have a Blind Lemon Jefferson.I once found a multicolor Aeoleon from WWI.I have early 60s South African rock 78s,but never have I seen a Sam Manning record.Has anybody else ever seen one ? According to the track listings at jazzoracle.com,he recorded some 52 (!) sides between 1924,and '32.Here's a photo of one of his early Okeh sides. http://www.calypsoworld.org/artists/sam-2.htm If you never heard him before,go here: http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/22756 After seeing early 50s Lord Kitchener 78s go for $175.00,and Mighty Cypher on Dial go for $100.00,I wonder what a Sam Manning of this period would go for on eBay ?

One recent purchase I mentioned here recently,was another group of records,I learned of through WFMU.In 1945,Muriel Gaines made four sides for National/Savoy,all with Sam Manning (Who wrote three of the songs): 

 Too Sweet Too Sweet c/w What You Gonna Do (National 8002)
  You've Got To Have Power c/w Ugly Man (National 8001) Reissued as National 9120 later in 1945-6


Two more 78s,I have never seen before.What I did find,was an EP,on a label I had never seen before either,that compiles both 78s,and dates from sometime in the 1950s.The EP is on a label called Rendition,and looks very much like a Savoy 45 pressing from the 50s.It is on a label,with two pair of stretched sixteenth notes,and a map of the continental US,with Rendition Records on it,and a wavy line.The catalog number is EP 105,matrix numbers are MA-46-47,and MA-45-48. This copy of this EP has no cover.I would be very interested in buying a cover should anybody have one.

Does anybody know anything about this label,when it was around,and what else they issued ?

Also,does anybody know of a listing of records Muriel Gaines http://www.calypsoworld.org/world/gaines.htm recorded in Europe,in the 1950s ?

Could this be some sort of export issue to cash in on her "success" in Europe in the 50s ?


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