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Re: [ARSCLIST] Another discography question ... Bix Beiderbecke Columbia 78 albums

Hi Steven:

If what you say is true about the lead-in groove running right to the edge, then these would likely be made from the old slightly-larger-than-10" parts. In fact, the disks are somewhat prone to chipping on the edges because the lead-in groove starts right on the very edge and there's a very small "lip" before the music grooves.

-- Tom Fine

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OK, feeling lucky today after that quick Spike Jones success.

This question relates to the several late-78-era albums that Columbia put out gathering Bix Beiderbecke recordings. The albums generally had 4 x 2-side 10" 78's. My question is, how were these reissues made? Were they disk-to-disk transfers with new manufacturing parts made or were they new copies of original manufacturing parts?

In actual fact, you have to look closely at the records to establish their origins!

Columbia pre-mid-1934 records were actually 10-1/4" in diameter...meaning that the original stampers
could NOT be used for 10" (more or less exactly) 78 issues intended for record changers and/or
junkeboxes...! When original "metal parts" were used, the grooves will run to the very edge of a
latter-day 10" 78. However, in many cases the 10+" sides were dubbed onto new "metal parts"
to avoid problems...!

"Master pressings" will have matrix/take data in its original form...using the sort-of-italic typeface
used by Columbia in the twenties and pre-ARC thirties. Dubbed issues will NOT use that same
typeface...and, in many cases, will show the new matrix number used for the dubbed master...!

Steven C. Barr

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