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Re: [ARSCLIST] Edison Battery was Battery Oil

I am shocked....shocked!

Lou Houck
Rollin' Recording

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I read a book within the last two years (can't recall thie title) on the history of enegy monopolies going back to English kings control of the forests.

The chapters on batteries showed how they were the Enron scam of their day, eerily similar. In an unregulated market, "storage batteries" became as manipulated a stock as thoise of the transcontinental railroads had been earlier. . As I recall, the storage batteries were first French- it's been a while and I loaned the book out. Can't check. At any rate, it was clear this wasn't an Edison "first." The Edison battery's subsequent history was linked to Ford's attempt at an electric car in competition with the petrolium interests. On the eve of an important test there was a fire at the Edison factory which may have been deliberately set. Some otherwise learned testers suddenly seeemed obtuse, not charging batteries before testing, etc. This was a Wall Street battle with players of various scrupulocities.

Steve Smolian

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At 09:26 PM 2008-03-31, Lou Houck wrote:
Being a RR fan (records and railroads), I have a few of these bottles.
I understand they actually contained battery acid to replenish wet cells
that used to power railroad signals. I believe they actually inscribed
"battery oil" but if you pour oil in a battery you ruin the electrolytic process.
I have a couple of other bottles that have the same shape, but are not
"Edison". I'll have to dig them out to see who took over.

Some interesting items relating to this: http://www.nps.gov/archive/edis/edisonia/articles/batteryoil.htm http://www.ieee-virtual-museum.org/collection/tech.php?id=2345874&lid=1 http://www.designfax.net/archives/0401/0401yr.asp

While Edison may have invented different cell types, the nickel-iron cell was his widely used battery. It is a cousin to the nickel-cadmium battery. Interestingly, a European company (now part of Saft, I think) was called NIFE batteries and made mostly nickel-cadmium batteries. But look at it NiFe - nickel-iron - Edison's cell. And now, in the third link, some people are reviving it.

I think the use of "primary" battery at the Edison site is a misnomer unless there is a non-rechargeable battery they are referring to -- or I'm confused.



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