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[ARSCLIST] Fwd: Sticky AGFA PEM 469 (8)

while working on Swedish Universal Music's archived material we often came across sticky PEM469. As I recall they requred much longer baking times, up to 24 hours, but always came out playable. Do not increase the temps from what you ordinary bake at, just double or triple the time from what you use for e.g. Ampex. IIRC the sticky residue from the PEM469 was clear and gummier than the residue from Ampex tapes, which was black or brown. Oh, and we only did 1/4" and 1/2" tapes. Hope this helps.


Tommy Sjöberg
Folkmusikens Hus, Rättvik, Sweden

Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 20:02:15 -0400 From: "Richard L. Hess" <arclists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: Fwd: Sticky AGFA PEM 469

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I posted this on the Studer list as well, but figure the more the
I need to transfer several reels of sticky AGFA PEM 469 1" tape that
after baking still leaves a ton of shed on the heads when I
playback.  I baked at 130 deg Fahrenheit, for 8 hours.  Reading
around,  I saw that there is a chance this can not be baked away, and
that baking might actually be bad for the tape?!?  Could it be that I
didn't bake long enough?
Do any of you know how I can make these reels playable without
destroying them?

Thanks for any help you can provide,
Greg Norman
Electrical Audio Recording



Richard L. Hess email: richard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Aurora, Ontario, Canada (905) 713 6733 1-877-TAPE-FIX Detailed contact information: http://www.richardhess.com/tape/contact.htm Quality tape transfers -- even from hard-to-play tapes.

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