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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fwd: Sticky AGFA PEM 469

Hi, Steve,

Thanks for this -- I may have dropped a ball--I don't think I have your paper up on my site, do I? I'd love to put it there. Did you send it to me and I miss it?

Anyway, do you suggest that baking works (if done long enough) with the bad batch(es) of PEM469?



At 10:59 PM 2008-03-31, Steven Smolian wrote:
Please doublecheck thius before you do this.

I spent many hours with the BASF product manager just before and a year or so after their "merger" with AGFA and subsequent takeover by one of ther materials suppliers, as it was explained to me at our last meeting before his retirement. We had private meals together. He was quite open and informal. During this period we were aware of the sticky shed issue. I wrote a paper on the topic. I never heard microwaving mentioned as an answer.

We served on the tape subcommittee of the AES Educational Committee, at the time the one responsible for writing standards. I was the only one of the three or four members who did not represent a tape manufacturer.

Was his name Werner something? My memory fails me at this point. Nice man.

I think my paper may be on line at Richard Hess' site, should anyone want to read a document that was superceeded as further testing continued.

Steve Smolian

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I think they recommended microwaving!

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