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Re: [ARSCLIST] original audio containers

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From: "Roger and Allison Kulp" <thorenstd124@xxxxxxxxx>
> I have record store sleeves from the UK from the 1910s(Green pulp cardboard
like in Victor albums.),and from Australia,from the 20s.The latter,thanks to
eBay,and has multiple record label logos on it.Some of the UK ones have cool
graphics,like a drawing  of a horn radio.In fact,I have a custom album,made for
a UK record store for 1921 Erika Morinis on black HMV (Another eBay find a few
years back.)
>  Are there any special company sleeves for the early Berliners ?
> I have a few actual sleeves printed for record stores,probably in the 1940s.I
have a particularly cool one from a Cincinatti store,that has a bellhop cartoon
character,whose body is a record.I'll take some pictures sometime of my sleeve
oddities,and post a photo album of them, over at the Yahoo! 78 label group
> As for label-printed carry bags,I have a rare European Polydor one for
45s,from the early 60s.
> It was my understanding in the early decades (1877-1927 or thereabouts.)
records were sold at department and music/musical instrument stores,where they
had a few popular titles for sale,but everything else was special ordered
through catalogues.Is this correct ? I have never seen a photo of a big "record
store" older than 1939.
1) I have seen...and actually, in fact, own...a fair number of the heavy
paperboard dealer-specific sleeves...which often also advertised anything
else that dealer sold (bicycles, furniture, light fixtures, radios, et al...).
I think these were used elsewhere in Europe as well...but never in North
America (that I know of)!

2) I have a number of sleeves from a record dealer in Milwaukee (I bought
a lot of 78's there...!) who, I suspect, also sold used records as well.
There are also many Brunswick records which promote Brunswick dealers
(usually in the upper midwest) in white print somewho stamped in the
runout, with lines concentric to the centre hole. I think I have one
record on another label with a Brunswick dealer's imprint...?!

3) I have a number of "carry bags" promoting dealers, and in some caes,
the dealers as well. They were visibly intended to carry a (or a few)
record(s) home from the store...and usually have a string which wraps
around a "button" to hold the flap dpwn, a la old manila envelopes.
I have several promoting Domino(C). They usually also display the
dealer's name and address.

4) The sad fact is this: no one seems to know exactly how records were
sold prior to the "swing era" (when "record stores" started offering
all the popular hits on all (or most) labels. Ads and sleeves I've
seen from the twenties suggest that the major labels signed up
franchised dealerships...so "your Victor dealer" sold Victor records
and Victrolas, and was the only source thereof. Grey Gull seems to
have introduced "rack jobbing" around 1923-24, advertising that
various stores could get special racks to display GG records, which
the representative would then keep full and up-to-date. Most mail-
order and chain stores had their own labels. However, what we DON'T
know is who sold labels like Banner, Regal, Harmony(et al) and other
lesser labels that didn't have a connected make of machines? Obviously
SOMEBODY did, judging from the numbers that still exist...but who?!

Steven C. Barr

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