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Re: [ARSCLIST] Music Library record label

I wanted to pass along some information that I just received from Dave
Canfield regarding Music Library:

"I can't add much to what you already know about Music Library (yes, I did
buy their remaining inventory about 15 years ago from a warehouse in--I
think--San Francisco, but it might have been L.A.). One thing that might be
amusing for the thread is that Music Library had to have been one of the
most disorganized and unprofessional labels of all time. Many times I
encountered different couplings under the same record number, works on the
record that didn't have any hint of a mention on the jacket, and even a
Music Library recording (and label) on one side of the record, and a
Belvedere (a sister company, apparently) on the other! Nevertheless, they
had some important composers and artists record for them, such as Ernst
Krenek playing some of his own piano music. I strongly suspect that Phalen
Tassie PAID someone to have her recordings appear on this label. Perhaps all
of the artists did, but I cannot state with certainty that it was merely a
vanity label (such as was Orion)."

- D. Blake Werts

> >> A friend of mine was asking about the Music Library label and if I had
> >> information about it. I have a few discs and recall that Dave Canfield
> >> bought up what was left, including the wonderful Phalen Tassie records.
> >> have a vague recollection that the label was based in California. I
> >> the composer Robert Muczynski had some of his music released on the
> >> Bob and I taught together for a time at the University of Arizona. It
> >> Bob who introduced me to the delights of the singing of Phalen Tassie!
> >>
> >> Any related information would be welcome.

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