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Re: [ARSCLIST] Hard disk drives and DAT

Richard and Kevin,

We generate MD5 hashes with our own Java code that is part of the
technical metadata collection tool developed durng the Sound Directions
project. We have also used, and still use for verification, a program
called FastSum. http://www.fastsum.com/


Mike Casey
Associate Director for Recording Services
Archives of Traditional Music
Indiana University

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At 08:20 AM 2007-03-27, you wrote:
>What are you using to generate your MD5 checksums?

Hi, Kevin,

I'm describing work in process. One of the To Do items is to evaluate 
different MD5 generators. IU has selected one which appears 
interesting, but I don't have my notes nearby and am swamped at the

D-Space is written in Java and apparently implements its MD5 hash 
within its own code.



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