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[ARSCLIST] NAB vs. DIN recordings


I would like to query the collective wisdom of this list for facts/studies/specific anecdotes as to the pervasiveness of DIN (100-mil) 2-track 1/4-inch heads on used Studer tape machines. I have found them on machines both from the CBC and on machines believed to have spent most of their life in Southern California. While it is more prevalent on Studer A807s, there is no shortage of DIN heads for A810s as well.

Of course, in common Studer parlance, the DIN heads were generally referred to as "Butterfly" heads, but that is risky as the angled pole pieces have been used for NAB implementations by other manufacturers, and other manufacturers' DIN heads have parallel pole pieces.

We have four possible combinations of track width and EQ if we stick with standards:
NAB Head, NAB Eq (assumed to be standard)
NAB Head, IEC Eq
DIN Head, IEC Eq (assumed to be standard)
DIN Head, NAB Eq

I'd like to know about the applications of DIN heads and IEC Eq in North America. I would also be interested in the common speeds used for each of the four combinations that you are aware of. Of course for 30 in/s the IEC/NAB Eq question goes away and we have the AES Eq for all modern work.

It is becoming a bigger question than I thought and I'm trying to understand the spread and the implications.



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