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Re: [ARSCLIST] copyright and archives query

first, wow. thank you so much to everyone who has emailed me or chimed in on this list. i really, really appreciate your help and suggestions.

and steven, that's a horror story if i ever heard one. i have utilized plenty of city, state, and federal government archives, newspaper archives, and public and private libraries, but this is my first venture into seeking corporate archives. i guess i've been pretty lucky up to this point. using ledgers as insulation? that's the sort of thing that breaks my heart. I would love to get a look at those ledgers at Sony/BMG, assuming they still exist, and more importantly, I would love to find the name of someone there to contact in order to at least attempt to secure permission to release these recordings to the general public.

Well, I'm going to give this a shot, even if my optimism is naive. Would anyone provide me with John Bolig and/or Vince Giordano's email addresses? even if Vince has left, he may be able to help me to locate someone at the company who will speak to me. I visited the Sony/BMG website and it is of absolutely no help, but of course that was my initial fear with undertaking this whole endeavor.

Again, thank you so much for all of your help so far!


On Mar 25, 2007, at 12:23 AM, Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:

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From: "David Lennick" <dlennick@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Woe is us..Vince left the archives over a year ago. Since then I've had to
on outsiders who had access to the files in the past and kept copies for any
discographical information I need. That's for BMG..for Sony (Columbia post
1934, Brunswick post 1931 et al), if it isn't jazz, fuggedaboudit.

Luckily, Decca's information has been published in books by Michel Ruppli and
is reasonably complete (classical is a major black hole unfortunately).

About 20 or so years ago, I recall visiting the RCA "archives" (which
had to be arranged with a phone call)...and realizing that what I was
looking at/consulting were the actual original pages of Victor's
recording ledgers (akin to a theology student being given the
papyri used to create the "Ded Sea Scrolls!"). Newer records
(documents, NOT phonorecords!) were kept on microfiche (or film).

However, in several cases, original ledgers were found on their
way to the trash...or in at least one case, had apparently been
used as inexpensive insulation, and were found when the wall was
demolished! Remember, it is only us 78-o-philes that attach any
importance to files/documents that provide data on phonorecords
made well before any currently-existing humans were around...!

Steven C. Barr

--- John W. Troutman Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow Center for the Americas Wesleyan University 255 High Street Middletown, CT 06459

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