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Re: [ARSCLIST] NAB vs. DIN recordings

on 3/25/07 3:25 PM US/Central, Richard L. Hess at arclists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

> We have four possible combinations of track width and EQ if we stick
> with standards:
>        NAB Head, NAB Eq (assumed to be standard)
>        NAB Head, IEC Eq
>        DIN   Head, IEC Eq (assumed to be standard)
>        DIN   Head, NAB Eq

>From of Choosing and Using MRL Calibration Tapes, [etc.]:

Effect of Track Width on Two-track Recorders:

There are three different "standard" widths for two tracks recorded on 1/4
inch (6.3mm) tape; the Ampex Standard (the original two-track de facto
standard), 1.9mm, the NAB standard (used by almost everyone else but Ampex),
2.1mm; and the IEC "stereo" format, 2.8mm. Put more cynically, the track
widths for two tracks on 1/4 inch tape are _not_ standardized.

Parker Dinkins
MasterDigital Corporation
Audio Restoration + CD Mastering

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