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Re: [ARSCLIST] Whacky-Packia outed for what it is -- Amateur Hour in Siberia

Steven ,
I disagree. There are publications that are probably totally accurate in their major facts but certainly have typos and minor errors. As a person who spent years researching a lot of erroneous material, I can assure you that some things are as accurate as possible. Jack

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There does NOT exist a single information source which is absolutely
100% accurate and reliable (with the exception of "holy scriptures"
such as the Holy Bible, the Quran, usw, ASSUMING one is a believer
in the applicable faith...!).

Once we remove the intentionally-inaccurate sources (Fox News as
well as much coverage of local items in local publications...)
and the unintentionally-inaccurate sources (too numerous to
mention...) you are left with, essentially, zero or less!

For example, we collectors of shellacoid objects tend to assume
that Sir Brian Rust provides infallible data in his plethora of
works...however, virtually every owner of one of his works has
made extensive hand-added corrections.

In fact, one can't even rely totally on what one sees (or, more
accurately, THINKS one sees...was one wearing the right eyeglasses?
Had one ingested hallucinogenic substances? Or...).

Steven C. Barr

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