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Re: [ARSCLIST] at this rate, won't be much to archive soon enough

Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:
----- Original Message ----- From: "Angie Dickinson Mickle" <angie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Well, Steve. This is the kind of pompous response I'd only expect from someone on this list.

What Steve was so graciously trying to tell you is that typing in all caps is considered shouting in the email world. If that is your intent, then by all means, continue. Otherwise, you might want to make sure your caps lock is off when posting as it seems to bother most people. Obviously it bothers Steve.

All too many participants in the wonderful world of electronic mail
find it too tiring, too boring or too challenging to use the "Shift"
key when composing their epistles! Thus, we get "shouting" (hit "Caps
Lock" before typing...) or attempts at e. e. cummings (endless strings
of lower-case).

One wonders if they typewrite (remember that?!) using similar approaches...?!

Of course, we can get "aCCIDENTAL PUSH OF "cAPS lOCK"...

Steven C. Barr

The e-mail world definitely needs to get a life. There are far more important things to get bent out of shape over than someone typing in caps. Global warming, poisoned cat food, Anna Nicole Smith, oil prices, useless wars, James Blunt, Dancing With The Stars..these are worthy targets.


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