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Re: [ARSCLIST] Latest Adobe Audition

Thanks Rod. Very helpful.

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Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2007 1:50 PM
Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Latest Adobe Audition

Hello Tom,

I've been using CoolEdit Pro for many years and find it's the most logical DAW with which I'm familiar. I also have Audition 1.0 which is almost identical to Pro, but I prefer Pro, since I have all of my customized filters and tools in it. I also have Diamond Cut DC6 which has some pretty good tools for filtering old 78s and transcriptions, but the learning curve has been a bit steep for me, because of my being used to the CoolEdit way of working. All of them use a lot of memory, so I've got my version of Win98SE (yes, I still find it to do all I need, although I also have XP on another drive) set up to load only a minimum of programs on booting. I find the GDI memory is gradually used up (leaked) by all of the graphic redrawing of the wave form, but many times, I just restart the program, and that seems to get some GDI memory back. I have to really be working for a long time for the program to shut itself down (Audition and CoolEdit), but I've never lost anything, since the program very nicely tells you to just restart, and the file redraws itself. At that point, I immediately save the file, and then restart Windows or continue to work with a slower redrawing if I'm almost done. Either way, the program is always making a temporary back up file, so you're protected and get it back on restarting. Of course, resaving the file periodically isn't a bad idea. Perhaps in XP, I wouldn't have the memory problem, but I haven't found the need to do that, and I prefer 98 the way I have it set up.

Hope this helps.


Tom Fine wrote:

I'm doing some upgrading in the DAW department and am considering buying Adobe Audition. The last time I used this program was when it was CoolEdit 2000, and I had mixed luck with it (it was crash-prone on my PIII laptop but when it was not crashing it did a fine job of inhaling a bunch of Quad reel to reel tapes and saving to 4 WAV files). Are any of you using the latest Audition for Windows? Do you like it? Does it run stable? Is it a resource hog (the computer I'm contemplating installing it on is a 2005 vintage Dell 5150 with 2 gigs of memory and SATA drive buss). I don't envision needing more than 4 tracks under normal operating conditions.

Any/all comments appreciated.

-- Tom Fine

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