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Re: [ARSCLIST] Nesco Food Dehydrator Convert-A-Tray available again

Is this gear able to bake 10.5" reels with 2" multitrack tape on them?


Richard L. Hess wrote:

This is a minor, nuts-and-bolts detail. The Nesco line of American Harvest food dehydrators is widely used for baking sticky-shed-syndrome tapes. One of the inconveniences of them is that while they appear almost purpose-built for 10.5-inch reels, they do not do well with 7-inch reels. The Convert-A-Tray accessory solves this to a great extent, allowing the centre ring to be removed and in essence providing a double-ring-high space for placing tapes. I have used two pairs of these for years. I balance the other side of the reels on stacks of NAB hubs.

I was in need of a second dehydrator to bake moldy tapes and in the course of trying to find one locally (Home Hardware in Aurora had an FD60 in stock) I discovered that the Convert-A-Tray was back in stock so I ordered in another two pairs.

I thought those of you who might have missed a previous opportunity to purchase these might be interested. Even better than that, they appear to be at a reduced price.


I am currently running a thermal test on the new dehydrator, but the old one kept the temperature constant within +/- 1 degree Celsius over three hours. That was based on 3-minute samples. I'm running the new one on 15-second samples with no thermal mass inside the unit.



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