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Re: [ARSCLIST] Nesco Food Dehydrator Convert-A-Tray available again

At 07:46 PM 2007-03-21, Mal Rockwell wrote:
Is this gear able to bake 10.5" reels with 2" multitrack tape on them?

Hi, Mal,

Yes, it will bake 10.5" reels, but not 14" reels.

For 2" multitrack, I'd order two sets of the rings I described in the original post. Each reel will require one original tray and should work with two of the Convert-A-Tray rings with their trays removed.

The FD-60 that I got is a bit less accurately calibrated than my FD-50 and the temp is about 5C higher than indicated on the thermostat, but it still held within +/- 1C for three hours--and that was with nothing in it.

All-in-all, these are reasonable quality units that solve the problem. Sure a lab oven is useful as Steve has shown, but considering everything else, I think the temperature tolerance of these food dehydrators is just fine.



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