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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fact or fiction: Sharpies damage cd-r?

this may also be a dumb question, but could damage caused by sharpies depend on the composition of the CD/DVD stock?

Klara Foeller, Curator
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Charles Lawson wrote:

Frank Strauss writes:

Probably a really dumb question, but does anybody have a handle on how
solvent is left after Sharpie inscriptions dry? It would seem that most
the damage is done while the solvent is present.

The damage on the discs I used got worse and worse over time. One could
actually see the ink bleed into the dye layer as the days went on. The
damaged areas continued to grow in size until they eventually stabilized. The "evaporation" didn't seem to be much of a factor. The chemistry of
the ink (whatever it happens to be) was damaging in itself. Just say "no"
to this application.

Chas. (A Big Fan of Sharpies in every other use...)

Charles Lawson <clawson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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