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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fact or fiction: Sharpies damage cd-r?

I had heard that they were water-based, too, but turns out they aren't.

A while back, I requested and received the Material Data Safety Sheets from Sanford for their regular Sharpie Fine markers, and their Sharpie CD markers. Actually, what I requested was their evidence that the CD markers were safe for CDs, but this is what I got.

In addition to dyes, the "regular" markers contain n-propanol (71-23-8), n-butanol (71-36-3), and diacetone alcohol (123-42-2).

The "CD/DVD" markers, on the other hand, contain dyes, ethanol (64-17-5) and 1-methoxy-2-propanol (107-98-2).

Not being any expert on chemistry, I took this to mean that the CD/DVD markers still contain alcohol, just a different type of alcohol. I'm sticking to writing on the outside of the jewel cases instead.

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Tom Fine wrote:
It's water-based, as I understand it. Dries nicely, hard shell but it's murder on us lefties because it's runny for a minute or more.

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Just to muddy the waters a bit, Sanford, the maker of Sharpies, now sells a
Sharpie "specially formulated to write safely on cd's and DVD's."

-- Frank B Strauss, DMD

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