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Re: [ARSCLIST] Who Owns the Live Music of Days Gone By? (NY Times 03/12)

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From: "Roger and Allison Kulp" <thorenstd124@xxxxxxxxx>
> Does anybody know the history of the names "King Biscuit Flower" vs "King
Biscuit Flour",and indeed if the former is still running new programs ? Did they
just change the spelling to avoid legal troubles  ?
The "King Biscuit Flour program" was sponsored by, and promoted, the
products of the King (Flour) Milling Company. These included a special
flour ground for best results in making biscuits...which was (logically)
sold as "King Biscuit Flour." Apparently, it was very popular among
housewives (both Black and white...) in the Memphis area. IIRC, all
this is detailed on a web site, which offers King memorabilia and
sells (or used to) original, never-used, King Biscuit Flour sacks.

The "King Biscuit Flower Hour," otoh, first appeared in the days
when "flower power" was still being spoken of among "freaks" (AKA
"hippies"), so it made sense to revive the known-among-blues-lovers
"King Biscuit Flour program" as the "King Biscuit Flower Hour."
The latter name has since been acquired by a large operation (who
may be the folks doing the program-reissuing/selling).

Meanwhile, the blues fans in (I think) (West?) Helena, Arkansas have
an annual blues festival...which, until last year, was called the
"King Biscuit Flour Festival." Before last year's event, they received
threatening (legal threats, not those of violence) letters from the
attorneys representing the "King Biscuit Flower Hour!" So, the festival
quickly changed their name (and the blues e-mail lists were crowded
with flaming of the NYC corporation!).

Sadly, the flour mill "died without issue" and nobody thought to
take over THAT name!

Steven C. Barr

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