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Re: [ARSCLIST] International Records

The California company is another,one independent of that in New York. There are other, earlier companies using this name as well. I have no later one using the name in my evolving index of record companies listed in Schwann, 1949-1983 (incomplete from 1966 on but including 1972, 1976 and 1983.)

Actually, you are right in that I assumed the ca 1949-mid 50s date belonged to the NY outfit,rather than the one in CA. I'm revising it accordingly.


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Steven Smolian wrote:

Is this a fair summary of the data we have about International?

----- no, it does not account for the information from me and Dick Spottswood
(on 27 October) about an address in California (from me 1951, from him
1205 La Cienega Bvd, Los Angeles, CA


1946-1947                    NY, Long Island City; 2719 Jackson Av Alan
Shulman, owner;
Sylvan Shulman, owner

1947-1949? No data

1949?-1961 NY, Long Island City, Woodside; 3258 62d St.

mid 1950s-1961 No data

1961-1962 NY, New York; no address

1962-2002 No data

2002-present Owned by the family? Sylvan?

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