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Re: [ARSCLIST] Alaskan Audio collection on eBay

It's hard to say for sure without knowing if these have real historical value, but if these were 50 films of an Alaskan dog sled race or 50 letters or photographs about dogsledding in the 1940s I'm sure that some museum, archives, or historical society would have already clicked "buy it now." The fact that we think that $50 is too much to pay for a unique sound recording shows how we undervalue aural history relative to other types of historical documents.

The seller said that he hoped they'd end up in a museum, and perhaps the seller already contacted local institutions, but it's too bad that more people don't consider donations. If the seller is in a 28% tax bracket and if he claimed a value of $1500 on his taxes he'd have $420 real dollar bills in his pocket on April 15th for donating them. Those are several ifs, but the benefits are real. Granted, the seller is trying to make money on ebay (which I have no problem with) and is not running a charity, but he shouldn't give people a BS line about "hoping they end up in a museum" just to make them seem valuable. If the stuff is legit and he really hopes they end up in a museum he should call one. Most institutions would welcome a call about something of historical importance that fits into their collection (whether for sale or donation) and they would do their best to make sure that the individual was fairly compensated and/or received the appropriate tax benefits.

David Seubert

Roger and Allison Kulp wrote:
This price includes the player for 16"
transcriptions.I still think the opener is waaaay to

Roger Kulp

--- John Ross <johnross@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

There's a potentially interesting collection of
historical audio from Alaska currently on offer through eBay:


$50 per disk sounds like an excessive price, but
maybe they're worth that much to somebody as a collection. Or maybe
he'll accept a lower offer if nobody bites at $1500.

John Ross

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