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Re: [ARSCLIST] streaming vs. downloading (was Try Real Alternative)

--- David Seubert <seubert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 I get nasty
> emails all the time about QuickTime and I sympathize
> with people that
> don't like it, but the streaming formats all have
> advantages and
> disadvantages (some greater than others) that we
> have little control over.

I think any visitor to your wonderful website who
sends you a nasty email about ANYTHING deserves to be
told in very graphic terms exactly where he can stick

Consider all the work that has gone into it, the time,
and the the money that went into putting up content
that simply cannot be found ANYWHERE else and is being
provided to people for FREE. 

To heck with anyone who isn't grateful for what you
are doing.  Unfortunately, good manners in our culture
fell into the sewer about the same time that music did
and for similar reasons, I suspect.   Sadly, several
decades later, many people are not even familiar with
either good music or good manners - so often the
problem is not one of intention but utter ignorance.  

If they don't like Quicktime, then they ought to just
go out and buy their own Archeophone and a nice big
collection of cylinders to play on it.   And if they
are not in a position to do that, maybe they should
keep their nasty comments to themselves and simply say
"thank you." 

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