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Re: [ARSCLIST] Edisoniae--was: The Incompetence at ENHS

OK,but why not let somebody else put out the material
as commercial reissues? RCA Victor,and EMI had no
reservations about reissuing acoustic material during
the Lp era,so there was a market for it.There were all
sorts of enterprising people who started up small
independents in the 50s,are you telling me there would
have been no takers for the Edison catalogue ? Or did
they simply not try ? 

                    Roger Kulp

--- David Breneman <david_breneman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> --- Roger and Allison Kulp <thorenstd124@xxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> > I don't know the history of how the recordings got
> > into the hands of McGraw/Hill,in 1956,someone
> could
> > enlighten me here.Why didn't they just put the
> > catalogue,on the market,and let some other label
> > reissue the stuff,and make money off of it ?
> Not McGraw-Hill, the publishing company, but McGraw-
> Edison, the electrical equipment company.  They were
> the corporate descendant of Edison's own company. 
> The
> company eventually divested itself in the 1970s.
> I believe Black and Decker got its power tool and
> home appliance business, which was by that point
> about all of value that was left.  I believe they
> were in a rather weak financial situation from the
> end of WWII onward, and probably looked at the
> West Orange facility as a white elephant that
> they were more than happy to unload on the federal
> government, buildings and contents.
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