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Re: [ARSCLIST] The Incompetence at ENHS

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From: "Mike Loughlin" <mikel78_rpm@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> By an exteme coincidence after I finished my last reply to you I took the 
> top record off of my 78 pile (I have about 3.000 78s about the house, I put 
> a stack near the Victrola and play them once, usually I don't have my 
> glasses on and don't even know what I'm playing until I hear it, then I get 
> my glasses to find the title) the record I just put on was "You're a Sap Mr. 
> Jap".  Do you think the Sony Corporation really wants this record to see the 
> light of day again?
Or does BMG feel the same way about "When We Wind Up the Watch On
the Rhine?"


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