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In a message dated 10/28/2006 10:36:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
stevenc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

However, keep in mind that both archivists and their computers
have finite lives...and if the next party to hold the position
knows nothing of the format (or if the machine with the necessary
software is "de-accessed") then that data is effectively lost!

Steven C. Barr

I wonder if we can depend on the next generation of archivists being computer 
literate at all. Even now, a quarter century after the introduction of the 
PC, I find that people I work with can't figure out how to read a text file 
(file.txt) by opening it with any word processor, editor, Notepad, etc.

If I can't even put data in plain ASCII for them to use, what hope is there 
for all the proprietary formats that even I can't decipher?

Mike Csontos

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