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  Wasn't the Schwann "Supplementary Catalogue" reserved for mono-only and 
selected imported recordings such as Electrola, at least initially? With 
electronic stereo releases added at some point? That's what I remember, but I'm 
welcome to learning more or being corrected and I've never checked those catalogues 
and so can't comment about Steve's comment that some titles could disappear 
for a while and be re-instated. Weren't Dick Burns's Overtone LPs mono-only? Did 
he make stereo ones later?

  I do remember thinking that when Schwann segregated all mono recordings to 
the Supplementary catalogue in the early '70s it was a further kiss of death 
for them. 

  Don Tait
Hi Steve and All,

I remember Dick Burns telling me that after a certain time, a company had to
advertise in Schwann in order to be listed or at least to start being listed
(sorry, I can't recall if there was a rule about how often) and that once one's
company's records were relegated to the "Schwann Supplementary catalogue" sales
nearly vanished.

Best wishes, Richard

Quoting Steven Smolian <smolians@xxxxxxxxx>:

What were the rules of having records from a label included in Schwann beside that of the line (or a record selected from the line) being available throughout the U.S. in retail record stores?

I'm trying to figure out why labels whose listing appeared for a while were dropped for a year or so, then reinstated. There are many instances of this in the label index. I've not checked to see if the records themselves were removed from the basic listings but I assume so.

In the days when the catalog was typeset rather than computer generated, it must have been a considerable expense to remove a group of listings, only to replace them when the label was rehabilitated.

One hypotheses is that a company had taken display advertising and not paid for it and that this was the only leverage Schwann had to collect his bill. Does anyone know?

Steve Smolian

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