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Re: [ARSCLIST] The Incompetence at ENHS

Thank you Sam ! You said very well what needed to be said.

Sincerely, Richard

At 10:12 PM 10/26/2006, you wrote:
Mr. Loughlin,

Your messages to the ARSCLIST are intemperate and inflammatory. Flaming, in
particular, will not be tolerated.

The responses I have seen to your message do not refute your complaint. No
one who wrote was qualified to judge your gripe, and they said so. But all
of them did say, in so many words, that the ARSCLIST is not the venue to
pursue your complaint against the Park Service. Nor is it ever the venue to
exhibit rudeness to responders.

No one on the list wishes to deny you the right to investigate the
disposition of digital recordings held at ENHS, nor take any appropriate
action directly with the site. Yet, within this venue, you have undermined
your own case by the tone of your submissions.

Excerpts from the ARSCLIST guidelines (found at www.arsc-audio.org) are
below. Tone it down or you will be thrown off the list.

Sam Brylawski
University of California Santa Barbara
President, ARSC

From the ARSCLIST guidelines:
The Purpose of the List
Topics appropriate for discussion may include discussion about recorded
sound research, history, innovations, preservation, archiving, copyrights
and access and announcements about ARSC activities and publications. Other
lists may be more appropriate forums for subjective discussions of
particular recordings or artists, restoration of antique equipment, buying
and selling recordings and the collecting of ephemera. All messages posted
to the list will be archived permanently. By posting to this list the
subscriber agrees to have his or her message become part of the permanent
public archive.

Flaming and personal attacks are not appropriate for this list. Such
behavior will result in removal from the list at the sole discretion of the
list owner. Spamming and commercial advertising are also inappropriate and
will not be tolerated and can result in removal from the list. Personal
messages, subscription requests and other business should be sent to the
appropriate address and not posted to the list.

On 10/26/06, Mike Loughlin <mikel78_rpm@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

"We would all be well advised...." Yes sheep you must all listen to Mr. Newton. But can somebody on the ARSCLIST explain to me why the entire ENHS archive is not already available on the internet. If Mr. Seubert and the UCSB can put up such an amazing cylinder site why can't the federal government do a better job with the great treasure that is the ENHS archive? And if they can't why don't the make their archive copies available as promised? Beginning tomorrow I will start putting the 160 CDs containing 4,000 recordings from the ENHS archives up on youTube just to show how easy it is. Shouldn't the world be able to hear the over 400 cds of transfers that are there? Wouldn't you like to hear a box full of 1890's cylinders at the ENHS labeled "for mixed company only"? This is not about the princely sum of $5.00 Mr. Newton, which is what you offered me for a 1940s

WOR recording of Superman's intro on red vinyl that I later sold for
$300.00.  If YOU dont want to get involved that is fine. What concern is
of yours what anyone else does?

Mike Loughlin

>From: Graham Newton <gn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> >Reply-To: Association for Recorded Sound Discussion List >< ARSCLIST@xxxxxxx> >To: ARSCLIST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx >Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] The Incompetence at ENHS >Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 18:45:28 -0400 > >Mike Loughlin wrote: > >>www.mikerocklin.com > >>In the fall of 2001 I secured a grant... etc etc etc. > >It is interesting to note that the web site listed in this message responds >that it is no longer available. > >I'm not sure that this kind of "dirty linen" complaint belongs on the ARSC >list. > >There are always two sides to every story and without input from the other >side, this must be discarded... we are not arbitrators or mediators for >this kind of gripe. > >As a list moderator, I got sucked into mediating such a complaint a short >time ago, only to ultimately find that it involved the princely sum of $5

>and wasted a lot of my time.  As did happen in this case, the complainent
>posted his grievance on a few related mail lists and solicited the
>to get involved.
>We would all be well advised to let Mr. Loughlin hire a legal mouthpiece
>fight his battles for him.
>... Graham Newton
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>consumers and re-releases, featuring CEDAR's CAMBRIDGE processes.

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