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Re: [ARSCLIST] Dynamic-frequency Range

Karl Miller wrote:
I have been doing some reading and can't seem to find information on what
dynamic range was available in the era of the acoustic and early
electronic recordings.

I can find references to the available frequency range...some sources list that
by 1925 it was about 100-4,000 cps and in 1934 it was 30-8,000 cps. However, I can
not find references to the frequency ranges afforded by acoustic recordings.

Any information/sources would be most welcome.



I'm a bit confused: do you mean dynamic range, frequency range or both? They are related in that wider frequency range means higher noise level and therefore reduced dynamic range over the spectrum. Perhaps the 1-KHz dynamic range is what you mean.

Frequency range is also difficult to define unless either amplitude tolerance or playback equipment is considered. Your numbers for 1925 seem about right for both the best acoustic and the new electric recordings, but few reproducers came close to 100 Hz on the low end and (not least because of the horn) most were far from flat above 1 KHz.

As implied by another response, you might do best to run your own tests using your own definitions for "range". Manufacturers' data - even if translatable into quantitative form - would hardly have been reliable.


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