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Re: [ARSCLIST] Acetate tape discolours tape box

From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Hello all,

Richard Hess has provided us with yet another thought-proviking picture:

> Here is the best example I've seen that acetate tape's outgassing is 
> absorbed by the cardboard box. Presumably the brown areas of the box 
> are more acidic than the white areas, but I'm not really able to test
> that.

----- observing your example closely, I cannot help noting that the 
impression or "shadow" is very distinct on the large centre area (and on the 
extreme left, which would have been completing this impression when the box 
was closed). However, the "other" side of the reel has only given a less 
sharply defined outline, even on the top and bottom that would have had the 
same relationship to the reel. I would think that this indicates that the box 
has been stored horizontally for most of the time, the reel resting on the 
carton, whereas there was some space between the reel and the opposing side 
of the box, giving a less sharp shadow. 

----- but is it really acid attack on the carton and not e.g. a lubricant? 
And how is the reel itself - it looks slightly frosted - does it have a 
deposit that sticks to your fingers?

Just asking before you send the material back.

Kind regards,


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