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Re: [ARSCLIST] Acetate tape discolours tape box

Wow! What a compelling picture. There are a number of companies that make archival boxes specially designed to absorb offgasses, but I've never seen such a visually strong argument for using them before. If you were interested in testing the pH of the areas, there are various, relatively simple tools available from archival suppliers, including strips like these ones:
http://conservationresources.com/Main/section_20/section20_30.htm I, for one, would be interested in the results.

Thanks for posting this, Richard.

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Richard L. Hess wrote:
Here is the best example I've seen that acetate tape's outgassing is absorbed by the cardboard box. Presumably the brown areas of the box are more acidic than the white areas, but I'm not really able to test that.

See: http://richardhess.com/notes/2006/10/16/acetate-tape-buffered-by-cardboard-box/

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