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Re: [ARSCLIST] Early stereo mass market tapes

And those terrible effects continues through the era, i.e. I got one stereo 45 rpm licensed from RCA and pressed in Yugoslavia 1966 (numbers in runout grooves say 2281966), EPRC-S-9137 A and EPRC-S-9137 B. Record is titled: "In The Sound of Stereo" (aprox. translation from Serbo-Croatian to English). First side is straight, it is "Fascination", played by George Melachrino Orchestra, with strings added, it sounds sweet and perfectly well.

The opposite side - "The Flight of The Bumble Bee" (Ray Martin Orchestra) has some of the weirdest sound effects, I remembered very well from my childhood (the record came from my father's collection) - "random" panning of flute solo and even the whole stereo image, probably done by manually turning the balance L/R knob while cutting/recording. When I was kid, it was fun to listen to on old plastic portable stereo record player, indeed, and now it is a pain :))) But, so effect was not unproductive, at least I remembered it...

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As for the discs...I have a several dozen discs at home in a section of my
collection which I call, "It's Stereo." It includes everything from games
of Ping Pong to choruses moving from the left to the right speaker, also a
series of discs on RCA, the LSA series plus electronic works like
Stockhausen's Kontakte which made heavy use of panning.

Most of these are especially fun listening with headphones.


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