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Re: [ARSCLIST] Early stereo mass market tapes

I love Capitol's "This Is Stereo" record. Irv Joel went out and made an amazing recording of the NY Central RR, I think. It might have been the Penn Central now that I think about it. I forgot if he recorded along the Hudson or along the Jersey shoreline.

Does anyone know if any or all of the Emory Cook stuff was released on 2-track or quarter-track tapes?

-- Tom Fine

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On Tue, 17 Oct 2006, Tom Fine wrote:

Another thing I'd love to know is what ever became of some of those crazy stereo demo tapes like
"Sound in the Round"? I have the quarter-track version, which is vastly inferior to the little
snippet of the 2-track version that's on Ampex's original 2-track stereo demo tape they included
with their first consumer tape machines.

There were some funny, interesting and creative stereophony tricks and gimmicks going on in this
very early tape era that never made it to the stereo LP era two years later.

I am reminded of some of the work of John Chowning at Stanford. He did some wonderful experiments with spatial illusions.

As for the discs...I have a several dozen discs at home in a section of my
collection which I call, "It's Stereo." It includes everything from games
of Ping Pong to choruses moving from the left to the right speaker, also a
series of discs on RCA, the LSA series plus electronic works like
Stockhausen's Kontakte which made heavy use of panning.

Most of these are especially fun listening with headphones.


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