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Re: [ARSCLIST] Acetate tape discolours tape box

At 05:38 PM 10/17/2006, Mike Csontos wrote:
The role
of iron oxide is confusing. For film, it is recommended to avoid rusted reels
and cans, and mag film is supposed to be especially susceptible. However tape,
with its intimate contact with iron oxides, seems less affected than film. I
suspect that ventilation, storage in unsealed cardboard boxes instead of cans,
is a major factor. Why were films put in cans in the first place? The Castle
films and other home movies were usually distributed in cardboard boxes and
they have held up well.

I have said since 2001 that I suspect that the cardboard is absorbing some of the vinegar and slowing the process. The reason I posted this photo was it was the best example of this action I had ever seen. It is in keeping with the Tonschreiber can showing an imprint of the reel windows in the paint-on-steel.

I am in complete agreement that the volume of the basefilm, and the distance to "free air" make a huge difference, but I still don't know if it plateaus or just changes the slope and we ultimately end at the same point you described. If we assume it's just a slope difference between tape and film, then we have to worry, but not immediately. If it plateaus, then we don't have to worry, depending on what the plateau is like.



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