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Re: [ARSCLIST] European Archive Foundation

That Mercury probably shouldn't be up there, but Universal is probably too inept to know it. I believe it was reissued by Polygram Japan in the late 80s and the copyright was renewed for that CD. It might not have been in the Japan bunch but I'm pretty sure it was.

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] European Archive Foundation

Hi all,
I have been to the site. There are currently 348 LPs, mainly of the early
1950s, in the archive for downloading (64k/B), some as wavs. But it`s a
slow server and it takes its time to have a DL finished. To name a few: New
Records NRLP102 Mendelssohn Symphony IX with Karl Krueger cond. The Am.Arts
Orchestra; Mercury MG15034 Schuman Symphony #3, Nixa 545 Mozart Symphony 24
Ton-Studio-Orch.Stuttgart, Hans Michael cond.; Telefunken TW30237
Smetana,Mein Vaterland, Bamberger Symphoniker, Josef Keilberth etc.
Some LPs have cover jpgs, some are missing any info except the (incomplete)
titles.- Re: Films- there are about 10 British ones of very little interest
just like "modern Guide to health", on peacetime taxes; replanning a town;
a surrealist trailer exhorting people to save enery, etc.
As the archive is still in its infancy, let's wait and see. Maybe I will
put more info here in the future if there is any interest.
Bernhard Wichert,Germany

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