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Re: [ARSCLIST] European Archive Foundation

Hi all,
I have been to the site. There are currently 348 LPs, mainly of the early 
1950s, in the archive for downloading (64k/B), some as wavs. But it`s a 
slow server and it takes its time to have a DL finished. To name a few: New 
Records NRLP102 Mendelssohn Symphony IX with Karl Krueger cond. The Am.Arts 
Orchestra; Mercury MG15034 Schuman Symphony #3, Nixa 545 Mozart Symphony 24 
Ton-Studio-Orch.Stuttgart, Hans Michael cond.; Telefunken TW30237 
Smetana,Mein Vaterland, Bamberger Symphoniker, Josef Keilberth etc.
Some LPs have cover jpgs, some are missing any info except the (incomplete) 
titles.- Re: Films- there are about 10 British ones of very little interest 
just like "modern Guide to health", on peacetime taxes; replanning a town;  
a surrealist trailer exhorting people to save enery, etc.
As the archive is still in its infancy, let's wait and see. Maybe I will 
put more info here in the future if there is any interest.
Bernhard Wichert,Germany

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