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Re: [ARSCLIST] Stereo

I worked with Cook during that time. The diff. is placement of mic's. Binural is when mic spacing is about 8 to 10 in. This is optimum for head phones. Stereo mic location is determined usually by trial and error. For a small group we measured the width of the group, then set the mics that distance from the group and set the mics about 1/2 that distance apart. For classical on a stage during rehearsal we would walk around til we found a good listening location. Only used 2 mics. ( we only have 2 ears.). This was usually row 20. Mics were raised so they were about 10 ft above the stage height. In most cases we had at least 2 recorders and mics. Set up in diff places. Always used omni mics. No multitrack or fix in the mix. In most theaters we would hang a large curtain from the ceiling to simulate an audience and reduce reverb. In some large theaters the rev was so long I could light a cigarette and get 2 puffs before it stopped. If there were long entry hallways they were covered with curtains. Some recordings were done during a live concert. The audiences were cautioned about making noises. A few times when sombody sneezed we would go back and rerecord that part and splice it in later. Same if there was an error miscue. I did some gain rideing to bring up solo or very low passages.

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