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Re: [ARSCLIST] unknown artists and archives

I used to go to those sales when they were at The
Pit.I would usually spend $15-20,at a clip,on
vinyl.Mostly classical Lps,at ten or fifteen cents
each,this stopped when they began doing these
monthly,and moved to the library basement.You then had
only one or two partially full  boxes of junk,which
looked like they were picked over before the doos
opened.Some of the stuff I recall buying, were Dowel
Rod Angel Rabins,"High on The Rim of The Nashville
Basin",by The Farm Band,and a couple of Danish pressed
EMI classical Lps from the 50s.
                                 Roger Kulp

--- LeRoy <leroy78s@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Friends of the Public Library has a sale each
> Saturday of the month at
> Albuquerque Main Library.
> Always lps, sometimes 78s. Fifty cents each, if I
> recall. Often
> discographies and artist biographies show up, too.
> Gotta start showing up there again, though I've got
> so many records now, the
> thrill of the hunt has lost some of its allure.
> LeRoy
> On 10/2/06 10:29 AM, "Roger and Allison Kulp"
> <thorenstd124@xxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> > Here,at The Universty of New Mexico,there was a
> very interesting used
> > bookstore,in the main library.

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