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Re: [ARSCLIST] Programmable varispeed question

What I need to do is varispeed a recording I have, and that varispeed needs
to change gradually throughout the 5 minute piece. I think the recording was made on something which was changing speed as it recorded.

So I want the speed of the music to change as well as the pitch, i.e. I'm not looking for a system which maintains the speed while pitch shifting.

The file is already on a CD. So I'd be looking to perform this correction on a PC (preferably) or Mac (but only if I can borrow one.)

Ideally, I need something which I can set relative speed values into, and the system will gradually ramp between them to restore a constant speed and pitch. Is there any program which will allow me to play back this music with, for example, a +3% speed at the start, slowing down to -1% at 4 mins, and then finally -2% at 5 mins?

If you haven't found a solution already, take a look at DC Millenium ($59)
The "Change Speed" function allows you to draw a curve with adjustable start and endpoints, and two midpoints.

-Matt Sohn

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