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From: "Mike Richter" <mrichter@xxxxxxx>
> The essential thing to remember is that they are files just like any
> other files one might deal with. The fact that they represent audio and > with
proper hardware and software reproduce sound is interesting but
> irrelevant.
> Again, you will be doing the best for/by the format when you ignore that
> the files may be interpreted as audio. Of course, if someone wants to
> listen to the audio on conventional hardware, provision should be made
> to prepare a copy in an appropriate form. That may be as MP3 files, as
> another compressed format of file, as DVD-A, as CD-DA, as magnetic tape >
Is the gist of this, then, that digital audio or image files
should be the same as other digital files (databases, spreadsheets,
alphanumeric documents, programs, etc.) unless/until they are
saved in analog form using the common formats for such?

And, if so, should migration to analog form be ENcouraged or

Steven C. Barr

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