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Re: [ARSCLIST] Digital "catalogry"--was: Tape baking question

Karl Miller wrote:

I believe that a similar idea is a solution. From my perspective,
the very notion of "cataloging" runs contrary to the nature of information
in the digital world. Information is its point of access. This notion is
cleary understood by the major search engines like yahoo, google, et al.

The information included at the header of any audio file could be all that
there is for the purposes of identification. That information is perhaps a
file unto itself, but it need not be isolated in a separate database.

In the digital world, the object and its data may be collocated or simply linked. In fact, the audio file is *not* the audio - that is in the form of a disc, cylinder, tape, or similar medium. The audio file is a representation of the object which has also been characterized by the data. Whether the result is an 'audio catalogue' (as I have used the term before) or not depends only on the ease of accessing the object from its data. Whether one calls the result a "catalogue" at all depends on who is playing Humpty Dumpty that month.

REMINDER: As the map is not the territory, the audio file is not the sound object. Any confusion of the two is a potentially fatal trap.


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