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Re: [ARSCLIST] Instant Recording Discs, was Re: [ARSCLIST] Record Gunk

Now, I find we can't play this disc (along with about a half dozen
others that appear to be instant recordings from NBC news) because the
hole drilled in the middle is too small to fit our turntables.  Since I
don't know the proper term for the pin in the middle of the platter (and
since none of the dozen or so audiophile pages I've read on turntables
mentions it), it's really hard to find information about what to do.
Again, advice from those in the know will be gratefully accepted.


Other than to say drill the hole bigger, which I'm sure is the wrong
answer, I can't help with the playing of these disks.  I can say, however,
that the pin in the middle of the platter has usually been called a

-- Frank B Strauss, DMD

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