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Re: [ARSCLIST] Instant Recording Discs, was Re: [ARSCLIST] Record Gunk

Put a few extra mats, or records, on the turntable to elevate the disc above
the spindle.  If you have a turntable weight to place on the center of the
record it might help.  Start the record spinning, place the arm on the disc
and GENTLY tap the edge of the disc with something, like the side of a
record brush, while rotating to center the disc.  Watch the headshell.  When
it appears to stand still without any percepible side to side movement, your
disc is centered and ready to transfer.

I'm amazed at just how many "professional" disc transfers are accomplished
by simply flopping a disc onto a turntable and dropping the stylus.  7 out
of 10 commercial discs are off center to some degree and this IS detectable
by ear in many cases.  Instantaneous discs SHOULD NOT be off center IN
THEORY but this is not always the case.  Home recorded discs are the worst
of the lot partly because of smaller spindles on home units and the
occasional mangled platter bearings.

Good luck.


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> Thanks to everyone who responded to my record "gunk," er, palmitic acid
> question.  After careful examination of the surface, I went the Windex
> and distilled water route, with very good success.  The disc cleaned
> right up, does not have any flaking, and, 24 hours after cleaning, does
> not seem to have suffered any ill effects.
> Now, I find we can't play this disc (along with about a half dozen
> others that appear to be instant recordings from NBC news) because the
> hole drilled in the middle is too small to fit our turntables.  Since I
> don't know the proper term for the pin in the middle of the platter (and
> since none of the dozen or so audiophile pages I've read on turntables
> mentions it), it's really hard to find information about what to do.
> Again, advice from those in the know will be gratefully accepted.
> Christie
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