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Re: [ARSCLIST] Musican's compensation, wa CD versus Download was "All hail the analogue revolution..."

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From: "phillip holmes" <insuranceman@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Sounds like a chicken/egg problem.  Most musicians have a regular paying 
> job/gig and can't travel.  I know many work clubs/bars and get exposure 
> that way.  Then they might work a club circuit, but is there a club 
> circuit for music?  We used to have The Louisiana Hayride and similar, 
> but stuff like that's long gone.  Expecting someone in Bugtussle to head 
> out to New York City for exposure is unrealistic.  They can get some 
> exposure on the internet.  If they are really and truly a good act, 
> someone will take notice.  I think you're selling this internet thing short.
Based on my experience...

First...very true that most musicians have a "day gig" (they couldn't
eat regularly otherwise!). In fact, that is one of the biggest dillemas
for musician-wannabes..."Do I give up the day gig, and hope I can cover
expenses with music gigs...or..."

Second, AFAIK there is no longer an operative "club circuit." The closest
thing to that would be groups of franchised clubs (i.e. "House Of Blues")
where being booked at one location might make it easier to score a gig at
another one.

The problem is this: scoring gigs is a function of the skill and
knowledge of one's management (there have been some exceptions to
this, but they aren't common and are subject to different considerations!).
Good managers (or managers with a reputation, which is a functional
equivalent thereof) select their clients based on the commissions they
assume they can earn (which may or may not be based on musical skill!).

And I have seen "good" (in a strictly musical-talent sense) acts that
were basically universally ignored...and "bad" (same caveat) acts that
enjoyed at least short-term fame!

Steven C. Barr

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