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Re: [ARSCLIST] Musican's compensation, wa CD versus Download was "All hail the analogue revolution..."

Sounds like a chicken/egg problem. Most musicians have a regular paying job/gig and can't travel. I know many work clubs/bars and get exposure that way. Then they might work a club circuit, but is there a club circuit for music? We used to have The Louisiana Hayride and similar, but stuff like that's long gone. Expecting someone in Bugtussle to head out to New York City for exposure is unrealistic. They can get some exposure on the internet. If they are really and truly a good act, someone will take notice. I think you're selling this internet thing short.

Bob Olhsson wrote:
phillip holmes wrote:
If they can't get airplay, how are they going to reach a larger audience (outside of their neighborhood)?

This is a common misconception. The way you've always reached audiences outside of your own neighborhood has been to travel outside your own neighborhood adding people to your audience eyeball to eyeball. The same money people spend on recording gear or studio time would do a lot more for a performing career if it were spent on a publicist instead.

Record labels only sign people who have proven they can build a following.

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