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Re: [ARSCLIST] Musican's compensation, wa CD versus Download was "All hail the analogue revolution..."

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From: "Bob Olhsson" <olh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> phillip holmes wrote:
> >If they can't get airplay, how are they going to reach a larger audience
> >(outside of their neighborhood)?
> This is a common misconception. The way you've always reached audiences
outside of your own neighborhood has been to travel outside your own
neighborhood adding people to your audience eyeball to eyeball. The same money
people spend on recording gear or studio time would do a lot more for a
performing career if it were spent on a publicist instead.
> Record labels only sign people who have proven they can build a following.
> -- 
> Bob Olhsson Audio Mastery, Nashville TN
I'm wondering...based on Mr. Olhsson's Nashville location, if he might
not be thinking more in terms of country music (the best-known output
of Nashville)...which seems to follow a slightly different "set of rules"
(for example, c&w still uses "songwriters" who perform only that
function, and "artists" who sing their music...just as virtually all
popular music operated decades ago!).

Comment ca?

Steven C. Barr

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