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Re: [ARSCLIST] CD versus Download was "All hail the analogue revolution..."

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From: "Bob Olhsson" <olh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> This is the fundamental reason why I take my positions about intellectual
property no matter if I sometimes appear to be taking the side of the large
record companies. I don't think it's an accident that most great music came out
of a vibrant scene where performers and composers could make a decent living.
I would doubt that there has ever been a time when more than 10% (and
that is probably a major overestimate!) of composers and performers
"could make a decent living!"

There have always been a handful "at the top of the heap" who were
making a MUCH MORE than decent living...ranging from royal
favourites of centuries ago to musical "superstars" of the present day.

Further down the list, there have been those folks who managed to
make enough money to survive without a "day gig." This group has
become somewhat larger since the formation of Musician's Unions
and the existence of many musical jobs that came with modern
technology (somebody has to play the music you hear when you
are put on "hold," for example!).

And, down at the bottom, there is (and has always been) a vast
number of musicians (and, one supposes, songwriters) who are
relegated to doing only occasional gigs at which they do little
more than break even! Admittedly, some such are so relegated
because of lack of talent, skill or both...but I have seen, and know
personally, a fair number of musicians that are as good as, if
not better than, their more fortunate peers...but simply haven't
been discovered by the appropriate "powers that be!"

Steven C. Barr

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