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Re: [ARSCLIST] Musician's compensation wasCD versus Download was "All hail the analogue revolution..."

From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Karl Miller quoted:

> On Wed, 4 Oct 2006, Mike Richter wrote:
> > What it does not do is aid the Big Names of classical music. For them,
> > other models apply.

----- and wrote the bit at the end, which is in fine accord with the reports 
in a book that will sour your day, if you did not already know:

'The Maestro Myth': Great Conductors in Pursuit of Power. Norman Lebrecht. 
New York:Birch Lane Press, 1991. 380 pages

I have a UK paperback edition, and I assume it is quite simple to get. 
Lebrecht also wrote 'When the Music Stops' (1996), which I also have read in 

The lesson is: get as much live music as you can, while you can. Teach your 
heirs how to play LPs, let them inherit and keep as many as possible, tell 
them how to take care of them, and keep track of where you get replacement 
pickups and belts, if you do not have direct drive. You are still allowed to 
play what you own for your own entertainment. With LPs you are in the 
driver's seat and decide the quality. Ration it to preserve quality. With CDs 
and other carriers and formats someone will take your money and decide for 
you. Again and again. And again.

Kind regards,


(the rest is Karl's)

> I agree but I would also suggest that the other models hurt classical
> music. I don't see that Lorin Maazel is worth $2M a season to conduct the New
> York Philharmonic...even if I valued his interpretations. How a 501 c 3 like
> the NY Phil can have someone on payroll who is paid that much is insulting to
> my way of thinking.
> My goodness, who does Maazel think he is, the UT Football coach? (who
> makes about $2.6M a year)
> Of course most musicians probably deserve to be paid more, but what can
> you do when the market is such that you won't get what you might deserve
> for your work?
> By the way, the next time you consider donating to your alma mater or your
> local orchestra, check out what the football coach or the conductor is paid. I
> have, and I have written both out of my will.
> Karl

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