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Re: [ARSCLIST] sticky goop on a CD container

Actually, I think a paper towel folded over several times and held over the top
of the bottle, then applied like a blotter, would make for less dripping than a
Q-tip. Taking the CD out is probably a good idea, as is taking the booklet
out..both are in danger of drippage through the slots at the top of the case.


Susan Stinson wrote:

> I have used mineral oil (or baby oil) at times to soften and lift off
> tape residue.  Or the nail polish remover, which would probably work
> faster, being a bit stronger!  And use a Q-tip to apply whatever you use
> - you have more control over how much fluid is involved, and no
> dripping.  Take the CD out of the box before you start.
> Sue
> Susan T Stinson, Curator
> Belfer Audio Laboratory and Archive
> Syracuse University Library
> 222 Waverly Avenue
> Syracuse, NY 13244-2010
> 315-443-3477 / fax 443-4866
> >>> dlennick@xxxxxxxxxxxx 9/30/2006 12:00:34 AM >>>
> Anyone have a good method for removing the sticky residue left by some
> CD
> manufacturers' sticky tape at the top of the jewel case? The disc was
> purchased
> new yesterday but has probably been in the store for 4 years, and is a
> product. I've never had one turn up this sticky. Lighter fluid? (Which
> I don't
> have around the house, not being a consumer of the stuff. Lamp oil
> usually
> works, but not in this case.)
> dl

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