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Re: [ARSCLIST] sticky goop on a CD container

I have used mineral oil (or baby oil) at times to soften and lift off
tape residue.  Or the nail polish remover, which would probably work
faster, being a bit stronger!  And use a Q-tip to apply whatever you use
- you have more control over how much fluid is involved, and no
dripping.  Take the CD out of the box before you start.


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>>> dlennick@xxxxxxxxxxxx 9/30/2006 12:00:34 AM >>>
Anyone have a good method for removing the sticky residue left by some
manufacturers' sticky tape at the top of the jewel case? The disc was
new yesterday but has probably been in the store for 4 years, and is a
product. I've never had one turn up this sticky. Lighter fluid? (Which
I don't
have around the house, not being a consumer of the stuff. Lamp oil
works, but not in this case.)


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